Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Ruth Update

Dear Friends:

I know I have neglected this blog lately. I would like to explain a little.

On July 25, my dear 5-year-old grandson was handed to my care. The situation is complicated and involves others, so I cannot explain fully. I am now the full time mom of a Kindergarten student (and still have my regular full time job, of course). So my time is much more limited than it was previously.

I do want to get back to telling my story. I had a purpose in starting this blog, and the purpose remains. That is, to give those who know me or are related to me a way to hear how I have come to travel this road I'm on. My dear sister and others who will no longer communicate with me due to my becoming Catholic, still may at some point in time find and read what I record here.

And so I will continue. Please be patient with me.