Friday, July 11, 2008

I got interviewed ;-)

If you're impatient to hear more of the last part of my conversion story (yes, I know I'm taking FOREVER to tell it here), then check out this podcast interview:

Jeff Schwehm interviews Ruth Leone.

For more information about the interview, and to listen to other great podcasts by Jeff, go to:

CatholicXJW Blog .

If you haven't registered for the Conference, go to the Conference web page right now and do it:

On-site registration costs more, and registering in advance will make Jeff's job of planning everything much easier.


japhy said...

Ok, I hadn't put 2 and 2 together. You're the Ruth I know on 4marks.

Congrats. :)

NanaR said...

Hey Japhy:

Yes, I'm the Ruth at 4marks. I think we "met" at the chni forum.

I love your blog!!

BTW, are you ever going to elaborate on the "Is God good, or is good God" subject?


japhy said...

Oh, yes, I will! I'll also get back to that Trinity post I did a couple of weeks back.

Anonymous said...

Great to meet another convert. Welcome home!