Monday, December 22, 2008

Pray the Divine Office -- with Music!!

Wow, a poster on the Coming Home Network International Forum just posted about a wonderful new resource -- Divine Office -- Liturgy of the Hours . To this point they are recording and posting the Invitatory, the Office of Readings, and the Morning Prayer for each weekday. The prayers are also available for download as *.mp3 recordings.

Early in my journey, I discovered morning and evening prayer from the LOH posted as recordings on the EWTN home page. I would lock my door at work and pray. Praying in this way opened new doors of understanding in my heart. It was a priceless experience!

Then one day the prayers disappeared from the EWTN page, and I could not find a similar resource available. Just before my baptism, my dear friends Tom and Gloria Cabeen sent me the one volume Christian Prayer as a gift and I resumed my LOH habit. But I have seriously missed the beautiful music!

Many thanks to the owners and operators of the new web site, and a H/T to CHNI Forum .


Dane said...


I am the producer of ( and I appreciate it when I discover nice comments mentioned about our audio Liturgy of the Hours. We are working very hard and eventually we will have all of the hours in an audio format.

Merry Christmas!

NanaR said...


Thank you for all your hard work in recording the Liturgy of the Hours.

Merry Christmas to you!